CKK Industries, Inc. was founded in 2000. We are a premier manufacturer and distributor of DIY knife & gun hobby items. We produce the world's top-selling designer knife making kits. From designer fixed blades to the closest thing to custom quality in folding knife kits, our knife kit line now exceeds over 200 models in every shape and style.
We also produce top-quality equipment, tools, knife making parts and dedicated knife making supplies for the DIY knife industry. These items now number over 9000 in total and are distributed through both KnifeKits.com and HolsterSmith.com.

We hope that you enjoy our exclusive branded offerings and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have to help us improve. Our goal is simple. It hasn't changed since 2000 when we started this company over 20 years ago. We strive to provide our customers with the very best experience possible. That's what our focus is always fixed on. We never let it change and we don't play around the edges.

We maintain a 99% order accuracy and same-day shipping policy. We meet or exceed this goal every day. Of all the reasons to give us the opportunity to serve you with your knife hobby and holster making supplies business, this would be the one I am most proud to put forward.

Thank you for visiting.

B. Alex Whetsell
B. Alex Whetsell
CKK Industries, Inc.